Achieve quantum advantage for the security of your AI models. Quantum Falcon has developed the world’s first patent-pending, quantum-powered platform that delivers a strategic edge for securing AI models, harnessing quantum computing to identify unknown adversarial activity.

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QUANTUM Security for AI

A non-invasive, lightweight quantum solution

Data poisoning and model tampering attacks on AI models are notoriously difficult to defend against with traditional solutions. To solve this problem, Quantum Falcon developed the world’s first patent-pending platform that can help you achieve quantum advantage for detecting advanced attacks against your AI models.

Bringing you quantum advantage for securing ai

There are over 60+ attack methods on AI models

MITRE has created a framework that can help you navigate the complexities of securing your AI models.

Data Poisoning
Model Tampering
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“Knowing if your AI models have been compromised can be a major challenge if you don’t have a purpose-built solution. By using a quantum-powered solution like Quantum Falcon, you can spot advanced anomalies on your AI models with less time and higher accuracy.”

Angel Cuenca

Chief Executive Officer at Quantum Falcon

“The groundbreaking innovations happening at Quantum Falcon address the following question: ‘How do I secure the deployment of artificial intelligence in my organization?'”

Joe Gilmore


“Generative AI is making the jobs of CISOs much harder as the learning curve for launching attacks on AI models has significantly decreased. Quantum Falcon is addressing this with the world’s first patent-pending, quantum-powered platform for protecting your machine learning models.”

Rob Hornbuckle